Our Conferences

The Core Programme has exciting conferences for all our target group. Follow us our social media pages to get updated on the latest conference event.

eCore Conference

e-Core Conferences is a monthly event that provides a platform for beneficiaries to have access to Facilitator and mentors. It has breakout sessions for them to do deep dive and interact with mentors in their chosen field of endeavour. The breakout
e-conferences sessions are held via Zoom and Facebook live.

eIdeation Challenge

Every month, participants participate in a hands-on group challenge that could be developed through e-business incubators with support from the mentors. Every week, three groups have the opportunity win a surprise based their challenges – these are unique ideas that would be business solutions in event of an emergency. Winners are featured on the CoRe website, the Springboard Virtual University and social media pages to give the winners recognition to serve as peer-educators and challenge ambassadors for their unique ideas.

eLead Seminar

This is a Ladies Empowerment and Advocacy development intervention of the CoRe programme to help empower female beneficiaries of the programme. Beneficiaries of this CoRe programme have access to female leaders who share key professional tips, their journey and practices during this COVID-19 period. Female physical and reproductive health issues are also addressed based on feedback from the youth themselves. Additionally, female entrepreneurs are brought on board to engage the females on group business challenges. These seminars utilise the Zoom platform.

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