Discussing similar issues with others can help you solve your problems

Join our counseling groups where people come together to discuss the issues they face and how they are tackling them with our experienced counselors as moderators.

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The sessions help them build resilience, reduce their anxiety levels and help them maintain a healthy frame of mind. Ecounselling sessions are conducted in collaboration with the Ghana Psychological Association.

The e-counselling sessions involve weekly counselling sessions. The rollout is as follows:

Weekly Group SESSIONS

Kindly access our weekly
group counselling sessions
with counsellors from the
Ghana Psychological Association. Do sign up for
the counselling sessions.

Personal Counselling and self-management

Additionally, beneficiaries have access to designated numbers to call for personal counselling and self-management. These numbers can provide counselling in five languages: English, Akan, Ga and Ewe.


Heya! Send in messages either anonymously or designated about any problem you might be facing and might need help with. The CoRe Team in collaboration with the Ghana Psychological Association will respond to your messages in real time and offer you timely and opportune advice on what to do. Don’t be left out. Get help today! Feel free to share your counselling experience with us via these official hashtags:
#iGotEncouraged #CoReProgramme